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The soul searching

Spiritual search - - - - - Interpretation of in figure &quot ;East billowing Yangtze River water ,spray hero .Or non-obvious space ,still in the castle ,jiduoxiyanggong .White-haired fishermen Jiang Zhu ,used to look at the autumn moon and spring breeze .
A pot of liquor happy encounter. How many ancient and modern things ,pay in the joke .&quot ;this is a give birth to a multitude of heroes of the era, this is a whirling history ,this is some fascinating story ,this is a indulge in elaborating on the topic.
Official history records, unofficial history, legend ,drama presentation ,romance novels .In different periods have different opinions ,different works is described .Between true and false public opinions are divergent.
Suspicion ,success and failure, gain and loss tufted. Three this period of history ,there are actually three image image image :history ,literature ,folk image .As history has three kinds of image ,the history also has three pronunciations .
One is standing on the perspective of history ,this is Mr Qian Muwei called &quot ;historical observations of &quot ;;is a station in today standpoint of history ,this is Mr Qian Muwei called &quot ;age ;observations of &quot ;there is a station in its own standpoint of history ,this is &quot ;personal observations of &quot ;.
For me, a twenty-first Century youth ,neither foot Enough qualifications to the &quot for &quot ;share ;,also does not have the deep experience to the published &quot &quot ,opinion ;age ;the only thing I can do ,is to mobilize all his see, hear ,feel, to elaborate on the &quot ;&quot ,personal opinions ;transmission time about people, or personality ,or even the human side of tiny ,but always touches the heart thing .
After all ,some aspects of the soul is an excavated .Because the inner life ,nature is to make our hearts meet a direct source ,our entire perceptual desire and ideas ,so that we don meet ,direct source is because our inner life nature.
On the other hand ,the environment is only on us an indirect effect .This is why the outside is the event or circumstance of two individual effects of each are not identical. Even if the environment is identical, each person is not fully accord with his surroundings ,people live in his spiritual world .
A person can directly experience is their ideas, feelings and desires ;the external world is influence but also prompted us to realize their ideas, feelings and desires .Where we are in the world ,mainly in the US in what The way the world !- .
Cao Cao and the murder of Yang Xiu on human tolerance to Cao Cao ,he may be the most complex history character ,the image diversest person .His highly intelligent ,and a fool to the third degree ;deceitful cunning ,and frank and sincere ;be generous and open-minded ,and two two God ghost ;be kind and generous ,and narrow-minded .
Can be said to be of great ingenuity ,villain face ;the hero style ,and feelings ;Hades temper ,Bodhisattva heart .It seems ,Cao Cao as there are several face ,but long on his body, a little is not contradictory, it is really a miracle.
In fact ,Cao Cao is true ,is also true .Including his cunning, crafty ,cruel ,tyrannical ,did take it leisurely and unoppressively ,be liberal and dignified ,sincere and frank. This is really a &quot ;atmospheric &quot ;.
&quot ;only large true colour of a hero ,is a really unconventional ways of scholars &quot ;.From this perspective ,Cao Cao is a hero ,but is a great hero. However ,this big heroes is very treacherous ,it can also be called &quot ;scoundrel ;&quot ;" &quot ;false hero ;in fact ,the history of Cao Cao evaluation ( hero ,villain scoundrel ,) ,always inseparable from the &quot ;&quot and &quot ;rape ;male &quot ;two words have emphasized the importance of rape .
,have stressed male ,also think he Both rape and male .Here, rape or whether ,male ,face the public opinions are divergent. Forum ,face each into a scholar ,the only thing I can do ,but by Cao Cao sentiment in real life, each with a specific person .
To Cao Cao tyranny, to the death of Yang Xiuzhi ,for example ,have as for Cao Zhi ,there is also thought to repair too .In fact ,Yang Xiu made Cao Zhi jealous ,mainly due to Cao Cao most avoid others breaking of his plans, and Yang Xiu have repeatedly punctured his heart stealth and cunning ,Cao Cao will not be tolerated .
Especially Yang Xiu support Cao Zhi ,give advice and suggestions ,but also involves the Cao Cao hard-earned heir intention and military events ,his act to enable beyond permissible limits of Cao Cao .
It to Cao Cao was made strong, then do not like Cao Zhi ,and Yang Xiu shall die .Yang Xiu made Cao Zhi jealous of a series of events ,although the performance of the Yang Xiu superhuman wisdom and courage ,but more important is the Cao Cao political personality make a penetrating .
Cao Cao on the night of March the password &quot &quot ;chicken ;formulation, is not accidental ,it is consistent with Cao Cao ,status ,the situation and psychological status. Yang Xiu will be the full of fun when Cao Cao password and military .
Valley of the passive situation together, also accord with high knowledge is extensive counselors character .&quot &quot password ;chicken ;a typical details reveal Cao Cao ,Yang Xiu different personality conflicts, it became Yang Xiuzhi of the fuse.
If ,&quot ;l l&quot gate width ;events and &quot ;a box of cookies &quot ;event was scholar interesting things in life ,only to reflect the Yang Xiu smart by Cao Cao pout ;then ,&quot ;dream to kill &quot ;event to depict Cao Cao extreme egoism and treacherous ghost cheat character ,has typical significance .
Yang monastic breaking their artifacts, caused by natural antipathy and Cao Cao .Cao Cao ,Yang Xiu different character further conflict ,is by Cao Pi Wu Zhi at the reservoir ,Cao Cao Pi and &quot test ,and can answer to teach ;&quot ;events typical of details ,and get fully and delightfully show .
Yang Xiu in Cao Cao has become a &quot ;the &quot ;however ,the literature .Also ,historical worth mentioning. Cao Cao was destined to become a treacherous tyranny ,typical .Generation hero Cao Cao also from Yang Xiu to be due to enable and be destroyed on one day ,the people mind &quot &quot ;scoundrel ;however ,this is &quot .
&q ;history views Uot ,or &quot ;age ;observations of &quot ;my personal opinion ,&quot ;&quot ;,in Yang Xiu ,at the time or the need for talent ,he is old able person ,a man of great talent talents who have a glib ,large ,and often guessed ,Cao Cao said &quot &quot ,have mutual affinity ;Cao Cao ;with such a rare ,so understand his able person ,he should probably be glad ,every day with Yang Xiu, to discuss politics ,congratulate myself so happy ?No! Is a normal people will stay away from the &quot ;&quot ,able person ;or as Cao Cao so that &quot ;kill &quot ;!Why ?In today ,everyone needs to find a partner, a friend ,to mutual exchange ,can close close ,it is the need of modern society ,yes, but this needs to be restricted, is to have a &quot ;&quot ;,you and I are friends ,is a complementary aspects of communication ,but not a full range of complementary ,More Details,each people on the outside will be retained ,leaving their rare some connotation ,once a person all exposed to the outside ,then he is what are not ,he in the society based on so it is necessary to have ?&quot ;&quo T ;to limit, but Yang Xiu is not the so-called &quot ;&quot ;,over and over again to make more &quot can ,too ;&quot ;is Guan Dong West ,even other chores are beginning to ask ,whether this is some unreasonable ?And do not say to Yang Xiu repeated puncture Cao Cao inner secret and deceit ,make the Cao Cao even oneself only a little connotation are dry out in the hanger ,said Cao Cao heir events are to be in question ,we can change an angle to think ,if Cao Cao close one eye like plant but not happy PI ,then the future state ,might be Cao Zhi ,but once Cao Zhi proclaimed himself Emperor ,so smart Yang Xiu is not the father ,hero ,as Cao Zhi so give advice and suggestions ,credit ,grease ,under one thousand do not say ,and even Cao Zhi are likely to follow his orders .
So ,until then ,who can that Yang Xiu did not proclaim oneself emperor heart ?Not to mention ,in which people of different age? Will it get our society nowadays ,how, when your best friend began to bother about your family ,take care of your vast wealth will be your first few son inheritance is ,would you consider ,even against you this friend the Intention ?So ,then ,find a reason ,Cao Cao will kill Yang Xiu &quot ;&quot ;,now also is not unreasonable,At the third Asian habitat international summit starting ceremony, blame also can blame Yang Xiu himself was not a good grasp of their own !To Cao Cao ,we should also be one divides into two.
To see Yang Xiu play .To enable ,Yang Xiu can be careless about one is not excessive, ,,is disgusting ,but can not kill &quot ;&quot ;ah ,one kill ,are evidence of Yang Xiu on &quot &quot password ;chicken ;speculative authenticity ,exposing the hypocrisy of Cao Cao ,,&quot ;dream to kill &quot ;event in the pseudo correctness ,and to Cao Cao was a &quot ;extreme &quot and &quot ;egoism ;treacherous treacherous &quot ;&quot &quot ;hat ;history .
From another proof of Cao Cao Jianxiong &quot ;&quot ;for example, the drama will be the face painted white, and people are more spit the sort of ,love its somewhat ,as for Yang Xiu ?No more than one &quot ;be to enable &quot ;,plus some writers unique pride it ,up to but sorry about &quot ;such a smart man, died in the Cao Cao ,if Sun Quan ,Liu Bei ,maybe a hundred! &quot ;and Cao Cao ,people may will scold the harder ,the more I hate ?,Cao Cao killed Yang Xiu ,the slain ?Should not kill !Yang Xiu so bold ,not damn it ?Damn it !But should not die in Cao Cao The so-called one foot flat violet ,it but the smell on the heel .
This is to forgive ,forgiveness is the Yang Xiu mad ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,he .Also just a counselor ,Cao Cao and rape ,is still a king ,There the local case risk increased significantly in Beijing confirmed fifth cases,as king ,will not forgive ,bar, to the atmosphere, to be patient .
Taishan let the soil, so it can become bigger and bigger ;from the small streams ,so it can be so deep ;the king is not Zhongshu ,so can Ming Qide .Man should have its own principles ,adhere to not concede ,the abide not accommodating, but in principle things cannot be too rigid dogma, should have tolerance, will have forgiveness .
Conduct can not be too bright. All the stigmatization of defilements to Ru Na ;and people too clearly ,all the good and evil is virtuous to contain .Cao Cao is the king ,as king ,will contain all of the Three Kingdoms ,in that era was the chief Cao Cao ,yes ,he can be killed, he can casually kills a he considered undesirable or offend him ,consequence also is nothing more than the Lakers ?To clasp a negative big hat ,what terrible .
What ,Cao Cao does not matter ,only To kill time ,kill the comfortable, killed outright, tube before and after him ,when the eyes closed ,the feet step on,Adidas Jeremy Scott, be laid to rest .But ,in the society ruled by law ,can you like Cao Cao did kill myself ?I at that time ,wait for you will be a beautiful &quot ;silver bracelet &quot ;and &quot ;a solid bullet &quot ;the !Can ,today is not that Yang Xiu figure ,even more than Yang Xiu vile villain called &quot ;&quot ;every hour and moment ,they do not look at you ,calculate you ,and this situation ,what will you do ?Like Cao Cao so kill ? The Analects of Confucius in such a period ,Zi Gong asks: &quot ;and can have a life of ?&quot :&quot ;its ;Confucius are !Do unto you ,.
&quot ;Zi Gong asked :&quot ;a word can life-long pursue ?Confucius said :&quot ;&quot ;is probably the excuse !Do not want ,do not impose upon others .&quot ;what is called &quot to &quot ;;?Expansion point, &quot ;if &quot ;words are to tell you don drink ,not causing harm to others if the implication .
Others to hurt you ,you should also try to forgive, but ,really Be tolerant easier said than done .There are a lot of time, a thing that has passed ,and we still think old there ,so hateful things ,how can I forgive it ?Then in ceaseless ego in chewing ,once hurt again .
So ,we do not worry about &quot &quot ;benevolence ;,is to let your mind is infinite ,a lot of things naturally small .The outside face all sorts of slander and damage ,tolerance and sink is the best return ,if the heart does not move, even if the outside ,what have I to do with ?Heart already ,want to see whether it is worth ,whether can bring a spiritual harvest.
Cling to objects ,bickering, a win and how to lose ?How ?People always clean your mind ,from time to time to weigh his own ,mining ,try to be more true ,more good ,Public service - Pulitzer News Award thematic has a universal value,more beautiful ,open your heart .
Everything can be seen when open ,is also often have nothing to lose time, time to dilute the past ,leaving only memories ,memories of youth, the growth of the memory ,hard memory ,there are Cajianerguo smile and lonely night warm candlelight .
Do not have to cannot solve the problem of depression ,and can not solve the problem ,will in time A torrent of disappear. Hostility ,contempt ,or whether the contradiction ,misunderstanding ,it will over time ,light ,time can make the sea changed .
You a little tolerance ,in fact, to give myself a slice as boundless as the sea and sky .To Cao Cao ,maybe he never wanted to tolerance ,perhaps he Yang Xiu got the bear and the tolerance to the limit ,and even more than the so-called &quot ;&quot ;in a fit of rage ,killing Yang Xiu .
In fact ,although Yang Xiu makes Cao Cao &quot evil too ;&quot ;Cao Cao ,but can not kill him, went to his various duties ,but keep him ,neither let him out towards him ,he also does not use any comments ,leaving him to make a clean or horses ,or bad is ,stay but need ,this is the time for the hotshots Chester is how bad things ,almost dead ,also expressed the Cao Cao generosity ,why not to go under the knife ?This should be Confucius &quot ;benevolence, the wise man .
&quot ;visible ,Cao Cao is not wise ,or do not understand the psychological counselor ?Alas !Anyway ,the most difficult cognitive is his heart .In the modern era ,materialistic ,restless ,We should be calm ,tolerant and forgiving .
And this kind of tolerance ,they require that you recognize ,,heart has big state. As long as you have a large realm ,you can see beyond the words and deeds of the heart ,the real texture.
That is to say ,inside this true road, large sample, Jen ,great cheap ,courage ,everything is not exposed to outside, is restrained in the heart ,but not stink .This reserved in the new, but the connotation of the universe ,Chuang-tzu says ,is called Tianfu ,is the universe treasures.
The Tianfu unlimited broad ,like you to the water never full of ,from the inside out ,never dried up ,you don its source is where. Chuang-tzu said :&quot ;this is called one .&quot ;one is what ?Is your heart preservation, hidden a great light.
You have big state ,in order to have the bright .It be inexhaustible ,inexhaustible ,shine upon all ,shine forever. From to know yourself ,to listen to yourself ,to conservation ,be yourself, it life.
Two .Musing mm person, should always clean heart .All things in the world ,would not have called &quot empty ;&quot ;,also called & Quot ;real &quot ,does not exist ;what is a dirt net ,nor deliberately limiting thoughts ,is only the person must attempt to persistent calculation, according to their meaning to make some explanation ,has several kinds of knowledge ,and several kinds of love and joy in the heart of hate ,let yourselves .
Clean ,you should keep the peace of mind empty ;to purify mind and body ,but also from time to time to clean the inner world of the Three Kingdoms .This period of history ,is a straight ,true and false ,is not a topic for discussion among us ,nor do we study .
This world grows too fast ,I just want to do ,from the figures on the search for certain flash points to purify your soul ,perception about the world .Cao Cao is a multi-faceted characters ,hypocrisy ,cunning ,brutal ,cruel ,but there is no lack of their own side.
Can say ,Cao Cao is the society a variety of characters in a body, the complex ,diverse thinking .Cao Cao ,whether we ourselves should examine ?As language :&quot ;body is a bodhi tree ,heart like a bright mirror ,often wipe off ,let no dust alight .
&quot ;that is a mind ,a Zen .Of course ,we can go like that of Buddhism to meditate ,to meditation ,figure for several days and nights ,Then a Wu-tung way ,wipe off the heart. Say here is a kind of state ,a self cleaning of the soul.
Because ,we too need to focus !Always clean heart ,we can view ease the heart ,to heart not persistent .Great wave let free .Worldly things, tolerance or ,as the face or not, it is your heart ,mind the things that are difficult to interpret .
Everything depends on how you think ,if your heart is large enough ,can let the universe ,lower capacity universe vector ,then ,the world the numerous fat miscellaneous things is not worth
bothering about love you ?All the world, you forgive the wrong ,what will you do ?You look all the world, make your mind clear and thorough, how will the world secret work for the
problem of face and ultimately to violate the principle of life ,loss of life essence ?Look ,the human mind is very important ground sweep ,only mind ,our thoughts can be sublimated ,we

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