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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain ,NIRVANA band soul ,is a rock music style Grunge representative .Ke special was born in February 20, 1967 ,8 years oldwhen his parents separated ,with the life of the mother. In the 14 birthdayhe received his first guitar and rock music ,and forges the indissoluble bound with juvenile friends .
He Kui .Novos .G ( Chris Novoselic ) and later joined the Dave Grohl ( Dave .Grohl ) composition has shocked the world band Nirvana mm&quot ;&quot ;and &quot nirvana .Ke ;&quot ;in the rock industry achieved great success, today people still feel incredible .
Critics of Ke special music impact and shock force be profuse in praise ,tens of thousands of people around the world with their music as dumping. Their success to the underground music has brought a revolution ,from the Grunge flag flying high .
After the great success of the Ke .But Cobain was known to his burden, he eventually found in the honors and cheers behind ,people do not a true understanding of his music ,just blindly jump on the bandwagon ,he feel so sad and lonely ,but will be psychedelic and anesthesia as an escape ,finally ,in 1994 April day,he takes a bullet since the end of the Of his life ,from the &quot &quot ;Nirvana ;also subsequently disbanded.
Author :Morten published: 17: 54:16,Tag: nirvana Kurt COBAIN rock References: 0 editor KurtCobain 2006-08-25KurtCobain ,NIRVANA band soul ,rock music Grunge style representative of Ke special was born in February 20, 1967 ,8.
When parents divorce ,with the life of the mother. In the 14 birthdayhe received his first guitar and rock music ,and forges the indissoluble bound with juvenile friends .He Kui .Novos Rick ( Chris Novoselic ) and later joined the Dave Grohl ( Dave .
Grohl ) composition has shocked the world the band Nirvana mm&quot ;&quot ;and &quot nirvana .Ke ;&quot ;in the rock industry achieved great success, today people still feel incredible .
Critics of Ke Mozart impact and shock force to be profuse in praise ,tens of thousands of people around the world with their music as dumping. Their success to the underground music brings a revolution ,from the Grunge flag flying high .
After the great success of the Ke .But Cobain was known to his burden, he eventually found in the honors and cheers behind ,people don Positive understanding of his music ,just blindly jump on the bandwagon ,he feel so sad and lonely ,but will be psychedelic and anesthesia as an escape ,finally ,in 1994 April day,he takes a bullet to end his own life ,from &quot &quot ;Nirvana ;also subsequently disbanded.
A ,Kurt1967 was born in February 20th inchildhood .The United States western Washington state of the city of Aberdeen. Aberdeen is not a bustling town ,away from Seattle to Barry .But Aberdeen in the Dutch act rate has ranked the forefront.
This is the growth of Kurt .Kurt family in the local fairly well-off :father and mother Donald Cobain Wendy Cobain plus Kurt and his sister ,a family of four ,father and uncles and aunts have a big basket of relatives ,so Kurt has memories of his &quot ;and &quot is a happy child ;1975.
Kurt just turned 8 years old ,his parents divorced due to feelings of fissure and .They are busy with quarrels and property ,leaving the young Kurt aside not fully understand .Look .This is the life of the Kurt the first major event ,and was active ,love performing Kurt changed ,his introversion ,will all hidden in the bottom of my heart .
Later in the NirVaNa stayed musicians mostly from divorced families. Ah HH ran Later, Kurt began to love and a poor street kids ,because they are very cool &quot ;&quot ;.Before that, its parent Wendy has opposed Kurt&quot ;dropped from the value &quot ;and the lower contact .
Kurt began to disobey their parents ,wandering to HH ,absent in the eyes of other people ,he is a problem child .Primary school ,Kurt is determined to be a star ,like John Lennon .He began to practise the drums ,and even attended primary school bands ,but not always learn to read music.
After the divorce ,he learned to use music as an escape and weapons. In February 20, 1981, Kurt14 birthday.He got a the second-hand electric guitar as a birthday gift .Then Kurt down drums play guitar.
Well HH was Kurt town cannot find true punk music tape ,and his mind punk is nothing more than the electric guitar volume to a maximum of three major three chord with shout oneself hoarse cry.
Maybe Kurt was still not a punk ,but he has since childhood is a lonely person ,with his parents gave him future be misfits ,he with the depressing town be misfits .He is addicted to music ,drawing ,singing .
His aura and sensitive made his thought free beam Bound ,his soul has finally found a sanctuary ,where he be reduced to fragments than the family. He is looking forward to some day in the future to leave it all ,devoted himself that confused at the end of two ,the town home .
---- high school .The initiation of marijuana use. In the summer of 1985, be graduated from high school Kurt dropouts .His mother and teachers to understand the high school .Kurt art teacher for his painting in the sense of anger &quot ;&quot ;impressed ,so with the help of his Kurt has received several university scholarship ,education is not a problem .
Kurt Wendy asked what he intends to do . Kurt says he will live with music . Wendy to sneer at ,she asked Kurt must find a living occupation ,otherwise she would not prepare to raise a musician &quot ;&quot ;Kurt is still stay at home all day death funk guitar .
Finally one day he returned to the house ,found himself all things are put into a box ,placed on the dining room floor. Kurt to live at his father .The stepmother and father persuasion he joined the conscription examination.
He was admitted ,but the signature before he tidies up the thing from the father ,march off .He was homeless ,wandering in the streets and lanes in Aberdeen asphyxia ,sleepy when he Curled up in the Aberdeen Beiqiao bridge opening in sleep.
Here he Yu Yang finished Arthur Rimbaud ( Lan Bo ) ,William Burroughs ( ?) ,S.E.Hinton ( ?) book, rain night he lay in the pit hope sunrise warm. Hungry he from the wishkah river dark green river fishing .
Small fish eat :years later Beiqiao pier was Kurt left graffiti and text ,will be composed a is called the something in the way talk in an impressive way song .In those days ,Kurt first met the real rock band ,the Melvins ,although they are still confined to the remakes of famous songs.
Most important ,he begin to enter the world of punk ,exposure to his great influence in the original rhythm .Then ,he told the Melvins member rear turn east to west ,learning their rehearsal ,he secretly writing a song, have nothing to do ,graffiti ,lounging ,living on the streets ,music .
At the end of 1985, Kurt and Dale Crover ,Greg Hokanson started with a rehearsal of his works. He will be their first since the band named Fecal Matter. Later, the band recorded a demo, Kurt official demo disc .
Then Kurt has not shaped ,noise + metal rhythm is not Kurt autistic heart .Three ,cocoon ---- Fecak Matter soon to succeed .It is very natural .But Kurt in these days has grown ,more importantly ,he met a friend Chris Novaselic ,after Nirvana bass palm secretary .
Chris has often put their name is spelled Krist ,like Kurt like Kurdt ,Cobain is Kobain . Krist was born in May 16, 1965 in California, Compton ,whose parents were from immigrant from Croatia .
His family relocated to Aberdeen in 1979 .Like Kurt, Krist quiet ,dull ,just like to listen to rock music . In 1983 his parents divorced,he graduated from high school have nothing to do industry ,stay at home and his guitar .
In the Melvins rehearsal that he met Kurt ,two similarly afflicted people pity each other. Became friends. They started rehearsing .Due to the understanding of the people only one named Aron Burckhard people own a drum set ,so three people make up a group .
However HH three individual musical ideas ,Adidas Wings,Krist like 60Hippie and psychedelic rock ,Kurt is the authentic punk diehards . Aron hobby is mainstream metal to punk ,he has no interest in .
Even so ,they still round the clock .Practice ,and waiting for when to have a show. Olympia ,according to the Aberdeen 50 km from the city,Washington state ,local cultural center. The underground music is there quietly growth .
Kurt used here for the first time on the stage to sing his own poem mm but he was too nervous, under the stage almost no attention to the little bastard .There are a few exceptions ,the Dylan Calson and Slim Moon noted that Kurt that is not fully revealed ,but could not conceal sensitive temperament ,in the Kurt after the song came and said to him ,this is very delicious .
After they become lifelong friends .It is the two person in Olympia underground music circles personage ,Kurt called the Calvin doctrine :their flag character Beat Happening band Calvin Johnson advocate a natural ,harmonious ,innocence &quot ;&quot ;outlook .
Kurt liked them, because they are in the depths of the soul are interlinked. Then Kurt frequent reciprocating in Aberdeen and Olympia. After the first performance .In the town of Raymond ,for a metal band as a warm-up .
But this is just Kurt to middle-class yuppie to vent their dissatisfaction with the play. Really sing my song returned to Olympia : in Kurt were on the table Gescco auditorium ,the audience only ten individuals .
When the show began ,on stage and emotion, excited . Kurt saw from his music power .Four ,single - about Kurt first band ,has had many different names : the initial Skid Row ;then Throat Oyster ,Pen Cap Chew ,WindowPane ,Ted Ed Fredhh final nirvana .
Nirvana ,Philosophy of subjective problem how to get high marks,Sanskrit transliteration ,Buddhist ultimate purport .Actually western circle of rock in Buddhism is very fashionable ,Kurt and Krist inevitably affected. But this is indeed an excellent name ,Kurt ,it seems to be home to return to this .
The band gradually began to have owned organisation ,people like the silence of the blond guy ,someone came to see them rehearsing . Kurt is the first girlfriend Tracy Maramder ,she lives in Olympia .
Kurt in Aberdeen was the landlord out of Tracy let him move in the past, so Kurt first have a nest .Kurt insisted on the band occasionally play money to share the rent ,Tracy think and so he find a job .
Kurt heard that will pique out ,Tracy later have no temper .But Kurt finally go to Work ;every day he drives an old car and two other colleagues to delivery ,but he soon tired of ,the two big burly of his colleagues very unhappy ,and he said that &quot ;I can and the two laity .
&quot ;his stomach .This time it will be broken .The torture he even induced him to death of unbearable pain .He can only use anesthetic to numb themselves ,and even drugs .In January 23, 1988, Nirvana recorded the first disc sample .
Location is the city expensive &quot &quot ;correlation ;recording studio ,recording artist Jack Endinno ,this one is one of Seattle underground music Godfather . Nirvana on this disc sample extremely proud, said Kurt :&quot ;it is really a good music &quot ;.
Endinno also like this dish of sample ,and wherein a sample to Jonathan Poneman ,the latter in just months ago and Bruce Pavitt .Founded &quot ;underground pop &quot ;company ,,be badly in need of some new band expansion team .
Poneman heard a demo ,was immediately Kurt voice touched .He will dance like belt to music broadcasting network company ,full of passion to the recommendation of a friend of the band Nirvana :&quot ;looking for a drummer ,who want to enrich one quickly Come on .
&quot ;but where the circle that Nirvana too abruptly with the market is not good .Pavitt argued Nirvana too rock L R ,not l R . Kurt underground transect drop around ,sent to all his knowledge of the independent record company .
He sent about 20 plate-likebelt ,received a lot of letters ,and every kind of small gifts ,including dolls ,candy and filled with fake ant old condoms and the like, is not he longed to audition notice or invitation.
Finally Poneman called Kurt . Poneman Kurt is a very shy ,very respectful but youth .Krist drunk, on one side with unreasonable demands . Poneman strain every nerve to let himself calm ,ignore Krist ,and convince the nirvana in the near future to a single.
Nirvana is the most important thing is to find a suitable drummer .For Aron, he attended the rehearsals just ,do not so hard .He remained in Aberdeen ,and hope that some day in the future when the manager .
The Kurt gradually lost touch with .Next is the drummer Dave Foster.Kurt thinks he is so-so, but accepted him. But soon because offended the mayor sentenced A year . Kurt have also brought back Aron ,but his old trouble again ,do not attend rehearsals.
So after a successor is Chad Channing ,he also comes from the parents separated families ,like the Kurt drop out of high school .In June 11, 1988, Nirvana recorded the first release singles Love Buzz.
B is Big Cheese. Although Kurt on their first album is remastered works very unhappy ,but the studio the temptation is finally overwhelmed by it all. In 1988 November,Love Buzz / Big Cheese listed .
Pop underground company adopted a new promotional issue :they only produced one thousand singles ,with handwritten numbers ,as the limited scheduled. The single success .At the end of 1988, Kurt and Tracy to play Seattle, hear the radio is broadcasting the Love Buzz ,they became excited, he never expected to reach this step :it is beyond his greatest ambition ,achieve success and win recognition .
Five ,tour - December 24, 1988, Nirvana began the first album work ,to January the following year, recording work . Endinno showed them a total of $606.17 isthe recording fees . NirVaNa all can not afford the huge &quot ;&quot ;Chad ,the result is by friends Jason Everman paid account .
To 1989 February,the band started in the west coast of the United States as a small tour. Just to Kurt then sang while playing the guitar and remember the lyrics is not used temporarily ,so NirVaNa has second guitarist Jason Everman ,his guitar is good, and has a long hair, but also from the parents divorced family ,and he lived in Aberdeen .
In the tour process, they from a public welfare advertisements inspired ,will be the first album name as Bleach ( bleaching ) .1989June Bleachreleased .Just started not to be good, but not out the root social neuroscience starts a day a day popular .
In just a few months he had sold over 35000 above,achieve pop underground company new record. Starting from Bleach, a new music gradually rises to the ground ,stand firm calcaneal .Then is the first nationwide tour.
It was once included 26 performancesof &quot ;hunger punk rock tour &quot ;( Krist language ) ,first performed in June 22, 1989 in San Francisco.Due to have no money to pay the broker ,their own arrangements for the entire process.
For just starting a small band ,tour is difficult even cruel. However ,such Man can still enjoy life though hard up :&quot ;we are fall on evil days ,but God, we see that for the first time all American .
&quot ;more importantly they are gradually with the listener .University radio station began to play About a girl ,Blew ,School ,listeners would go backstage tour ,said to them :&quot ;man, you can be so cool &quot ;another harvest .
They also form on the stage in the war hit a habit. So the car far their wealth is less and less .This war hit throw behavior and not to bring the band too much trouble ,the real problem is Kurt ,Krist and Jason rift between the increasingly intense .
Jason typhoon very mainstream, he likes to put out a rock star style ,giggle and flirt ,fierce rejection of long hair . Kurt on his behave coyly intolerable .&quot ;he wants us to more rock a little ,but we want more punk .
&quot ;Krist pierce to the heart of the matter that the problem. But Jason made no secret of his love metal rock ,he thought the Kurt&quot ;and a drummer ,bassist cooperation in his song ,will not have much different &quot ;.
It is due to the great differences in the philosophy of music ,,the Jason final From nirvana .He later in several metal bands, worked as a guitarist .Continue to tour Kurt stomach begins to go from bad to worse .
When finally adhere to the end ,but it started a European tour in 42 days .They gave 36 performancesin Europe received beyond expectation ,welcome ,performed a sell-out .Six ,new ---- Europe after the end of the tour, Kurt began to notice pop underground company has gradually to the edge of bankruptcy.
They were unable to continue to publicize the nirvana fans everywhere ,do not sell to the band .Finally Nirvana began looking for a larger company . Poneman and Pavitt trying to retain ,but Kurt has been determined .
Although feeling guilty ,but gold scale with a pool of the matter ,Nie pan need broader soar .1991April,nirvana for finger under the company flag .It in large companies to choose the finger ,an important point is that Kurt loves Sonic Youth band is doing here .
Nirvana from the transfer of get a $287000 ,not including tax. The same time Kurt also gradually alienated Tracy ,he met Tobi Vail ,she is a feminist ,ability is very strong ,and long Kurt few years.
In fact, Kurt and she doesn ,it won .Compared with feelings , then Kurt is more painful choice is the farewell cooperation for a long time drummer Chad.Chad drum boring and soft ,Kurt and Krist had on him .
Like Jason, in his music philosophy and Kurt also vary ,though they both like the same punk ,but Chad at most only be achieved Hippie degree ,and the non Nirvana itself .There they become pessimistic .
Centrifugal ,finally proposed to leave Chad . Kurt not to utter a single word ,farewell is Krist talking. Later said Kurt :&quot ;I feel like just killed a man .&quot ;then they changed a lot of drummer ,but basically play off channeling role until appeared .
Dave Grohl. Dave1969 was born in Ohio in January 14th.The Warren .High school formed his first band ,he was playing the guitar. When he found drummer technology is too rough ,The enchanted night a ,then do the drum frame before mad drumming skills ,his crazy steak with ,at the age of 16 to jointhe local Scream as drummer ,and this school.
Kurt their Scream show first heard Dave drumbeat .When they want to ,ah, is really a great drummer .If he here is good .In 1990 September,when Dave Scream Tour The speech to the Losangeles City ,the band bassist because of emotional problems exit ,tour stop ,Dave capsule, be in a nice hobble ,his friend ,the Melvins Osborn to let him contact with nirvana ,in after a short conversation ,Dave immediately flew to Seattle.
Maybe this time various changes too intense ,and although and finger company the signed, the band always lack of cash ,Kurt in depression of infected with the real drugs .When Krist and Dave know this thing very anxious ,Krist is a drunkard ,Dave in high school when he smoked marijuana ,but they know it is not to be trifled with.
They all love Kurt ,advise he don stir up a fire and burn oneself .But after all this dangerous step has been taken in seven ,Nirvana .Love officially with finger after signing ,the band went to Losangeles ,to recording a new album .
They stayed in oak mansion ,it ,Kurt met the tangled love ,hate and he accompanied life woman Courtney Love . Courtney July 9, 1965 born in San Francisco,parents divorced when she was 3 ,she along with the mother ,the mother chaos of life ,at the age of 7 when she moved to New Zealand ,small Courtney is left with relatives.
From Courtney became the school in the little hippie ,continuously Being a primary school and a school door ,by numerous psychological treatment .But she become aggravated ,learned in the store in a sneaky way .
1973 was sent back to New Zealand to its family ,mother will she entrusted to a nanny ,the nanny home a large collection of books to calm her a year later .To be sent back to the United States ,the next four years, she &quot ;try to be caught, it was &quot ;13,Coutney was returned to the protectory .
It is here, a doctor gave her three tape :Pretender ,Squeeze ,Sex Pistals. Since then ,punk into her spiritual prop. Finally from the workhouse to get free ,Coutney goes from place ,she worked in Japan and Taiwan as a stripper ,but also to Britain ,with there punks played hot.
She also had many group band ,still in the Alex Cox Sid and Nancy movie plays Nancy.1989 years inthe formation of Losangeles, Hole band ,started in the underground music world famous .
In 1990 Countney and Dave mixed together, they have a relation is very close ,but Courtny Kurt is a favorable impression, she asked Dave sent a heart-shaped box to Kurt ,and is provided with a small Seashells ,a pine cone ,a small cup and a little doll.
Then when someone asks why would Courtney like Kurt, she showed some shy and hesitating in speaking up :&quot ;I don .I feel very feel shy .I think he is really nice ,he really cool ,he has a very beautiful hands ,he is really very beautiful.
I can .&quot ;their love began to spread . Kurt regarded her as his boring life saver :&quot ;I have never seen such a frank and charming man .She is like a piece of trigger various anecdotes magnet hh&quot ;beyond all expectations ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,the two of them and not just in the games ,and he decided to get married.
For them, this is a very difficult decision ,because of their family ,their suffering ,their punk beliefs were associated with this decision be misfits .But they finally .The marriage ,accompanied by eight 1991May,end .
Nothing began to record their second album :Nevermind ,the place is in California sound City recording studio .After Dinasour Jr ,Nirvana as the warm-up band embarked on a west coast tour of the United States of America Play.
When they go through a city ,people began to discover ,Nirvana was cheering has overshadowed touring actress Dinasour Jr. August ,and Sonic Youth started with a European tour. These days may be Kurt happy most of the time ,he without a tie in the world ,full of longing for the future back to the United States .
They started filming Smell like teen spirit MTV ,budget is $ 33000.Kurtwanted to get some punk movies like thing ,but the director Sam Bayer is well aware of the essence of the two aspects of popular characters .
Compromise the results as you can see, this film apart from its offbeat appearance ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,actually also have all the trend component in September 13, 1991 Nevermind.The ceremony was held in Seattle ,from the Kurt they began a long boring old propaganda.
Everyone thinks that Nevermind is a good album, but even the most optimistic people also fail on its popular too much hope .The company some people think that it can only sell 50000 copies ,and the most inspiring is if the broker is indeed very hard enough ,if the company is really very hard enough ,if the band is extremely hard enough ( which seems to be difficult ) ,it may be ,is only likely ,become the gold Record ( 500000)and a year .
But the fact that everyone is really very hard .The band began to publicize performance schedule ,the company arranged for them too many to count interview ,activities ,programs ,to worry about the lack of publicity for the Kurt later have a lingering fear memories :&quot ;we accept countless muddleheaded interview with HH this is a lesson.
&quot ;Kurt had expected these interviews will help them to sell 100000 records. Nevermind officially listed on September 24th ,at that time a total of 46251 albumson the shelf .Accompanied by Nirvana tour activities are gradually open the market ,while the Smell like teen spirit began in the MTV table non mainstream programs .
Then with the tour ,were interviewed about their media figures also gradually started from non mainstream circles became Pop show ring .Even &quot ;hit 40"program reporter can blend into one, Nevermind soundless and stirless entered the charts ,just enter the announcement that achieves 114, the hottest band is a contemptuous disregard ,but on popular music is concerned it is rare .
Kurt and Krist are beginning to realize that they start Fans variants ,from the previous school youth ,underground music Music circle of friends has become trend youth ,metal fans ,and so on ,they started to show the audience the feeling of Distrust :&quot ;I noticed a lot of boring people to see the show ,they began to get on my nerves .
&quot ;it is because of this nervous, Kurt on the war hit .The style began to grow in intensity. One cynic &quot ;because now they smashed up &quot ;.Just before and after, Losangeles a also called Nirvana the band sued their team name right infringement ,for $2000000 ,the case finally by a Losangeles court mediation ,contributed $50000 to sellnew Nirvana with a right Kurt them .
Began to feel tired of their famous reputation .It seems more attracted arty ,fawn upon the rich and powerful persons ,but also attracted various jealous jealous Liuyanfengyu .But the first successful Kurt after all still pleased with oneself ,also do not have the reputation is too big worries.
Only fame all day ,but he was forced to to keep Kurt Cobain qualities of the day ,he will be like a mad man struggling against ,to the most valuable things until mortal strife. Nine ,explosion of October 29, 1991 ,Nevermind become a gold record in November 2nd ,In the hit 40 song,ranked 35.
The album sales soaring ,royalty check continuously sent to ,and in the European tour of Kurt uncomfortable ;the way they are surrounded by people continuously ,interview ,the greatest pain is stomach attack is even more intense ,bronchitis is a stirring among the dry bones ,make him cough side edge oh .
In this coke in strand outside circumstances ,they decided to give up after the tour ,back to the United States. This has become a major entertainment media headlines ,but Nirvana can finally be liberated .
At the same time in the domestic Nirvana mania has Cheng Liaoyuan sign, Nevermind at an alarming rate jumped to 17 from35nameand then jumped into the top ten. They returned to the United States ,from fourth to the championship .
After a few days in the United States have become Platinum Disc ( 1000000).Each one slightly listening a little rock and even popular people seems to be unable to hold oneself back toward the record store ,grab the Nevermind hastened to pay tribute to the media keep on repeating at great length .
The nirvana music ,each relating to a pop music show on Smell like teen spirit. Seattle became a Grunge shrine ,known as the Liverpool second .Large companies fall over each other for Grunge band nirvana - explore Two ,to fly to Seattle every flight were filled with their talent ,Pear Jam ,Smash Pumpkin ,Shonen Knife ,The Melvins ,Eugenius ,Alice in Chains and many other band ring .
In January 11, 1992, Nevermind charts, over U2 ,Gun &amp ;Rose Michale Jackson ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2 known as blue drifter .,even pushed off the stage. At the same time it also in France ,Spain ,Belgium ,Canada ,Sweden ,Ireland and many other countries to become the top ,in the world all entered the top 10 within two or three years,its global sales of more than 10000000 unprecedented successand fame to make clear that Kurt be at a loss what to do ,and chaotic life brought him the first gift is the stomach intensifies .

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